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Brief Comments on David Bentley Hart’s Article Concerning the Lord’s Prayer

Recently Professor David Bentley Hart has published an article on the Lord’s Prayer found in Matthew 6:9-13 and Luke 11:2-4. I quite enjoyed the article for its thought-provoking critique of the many present-day Christians, who do not adequately acknowledge the … Continue reading

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Tychonius of Africa: His Exegesis & Ecclesiology

One of the most underappreciated Latin theologians and Church Fathers today is Tychonius of Africa, who lived during the late fourth century AD. This fact is surprising considering the that Tychonius’ two works, The Book of Rules (Liber regularum) and Exposition on … Continue reading

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Book Overview: John Blair’s The Church in Anglo-Saxon Society

John Blair’s The Church in Anglo-Saxon Society is a superb study on the history of Christianity in Anglo-Saxon England from the sixth century to the twelfth century and its ecclesiastical structure. Two peculiarities had set the Anglo-Saxon Church apart from … Continue reading

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