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Salvation for Unbaptized Children: St. Perpetua

A common matter I’ve found online regarding baptism is the question of whether babies or children who die unbaptized are saved. It’s a somewhat sordid subject in my opinion. Even I, who am convinced that children are capable of cruelties … Continue reading

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The Filioque: St. Venantius Fortunatus

Recently, I’ve been reading the poetry and prose works of St. Venantius Fortunatus, a sixth-century Italian who later immigrated to Merovingian Gaul. There he published many books of poetry that also included the occasional prose. He later became the bishop … Continue reading

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Orthodoxy & Universalism: A Cordial Response to a Critic

Craig Truglia recently addressed my earlier blog post. I have decided to give a response. Originally there was an audio recording, but given its poor quality, I have decided to take it down and just summarize with text. First, I … Continue reading

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Orthodoxy & Universal Salvation: Are the Two Compatible?

For about the past year or so now, some corners of the Orthodox blogosphere has been consumed with this question. In my experience, most who have dealt with the issue have been quite hostile to the idea of apocatastasis or … Continue reading

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Philosophy or Faith, Philosophy & Faith?: Christianity as True Philosophy

Many reviews over the past year or so of David Bentley Hart’s That All Shall Be Saved have on one level or another invoked that reason and revelation often go hand-in-hand, but that ultimately there are some things that will … Continue reading

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Netodoxy & Its Apologists: Caveat fidelis

“The wise conceal knowledge, but the mouth of the fool is close to confusion.” – Proverbs 10:14 I have a confession. I despise with an unbridled passion online Christian apologetics. It is a paradoxical sentiment given that so much of … Continue reading

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On the Stupidity of Conciliar Fundamentalism: It Leads to Schism

In a recent article at Orthodox Christian Theology, Craig Truglia wrote that a strong case can be made for defeating the so-called heresy of apokatastasis by invoking the doctrine of conciliar fundamentalism. He had written the article in response to … Continue reading

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That All Shall Be Saved: A Review

David Bentley Hart’s That All Shall Be Saved: Heaven, Hell, and Universal Salvation is a most excellent book that makes a series of compelling arguments in favor of the eventual salvation of all of humanity and that Hell itself is most … Continue reading

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On Recycling Old & Vapid Arguments: Timothy Flanders & the Orthodox Church

One has to be fairly impressed with the article by Timothy Flanders in OnePeterFive about a month ago titled, “I Left Eastern Orthodoxy for the Church Led by Pope Francis, and I don’t Regret It.” For an article whose title ostensibly … Continue reading

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Final Fantasy Tactics: The Meaning of Good and the Tragedy of Princess Ovelia

I recently finished my second playthrough of Final Fantasy Tactics (FFT: Complete Mod in particular this time) and since it has been so many years since last playing it, I had forgotten how much the ending left me feeling gutted. … Continue reading

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