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I dabble in history, theology, and philosophy, therefore, I write about them occasionally here. I am an Orthodox Christian and a convert from Catholicism. My main purpose here is to showcase Latin Orthodoxy before 1204 AD and its history. I do not think enough Orthodox read up on it adequately, and so I hope this part of my blog inspires them to do so. Most Orthodox blogs that I have encountered are heavily bent towards the history of the Byzantine Empire, the Greek East, and the Mediterranean Sea at large. I am far more interested in the Orthodox history in the Latin West. If you are seriously looking for professionally rigorous content, then I would suggest going to your nearest public library and reading a lot of literature for some time or speaking with your priest.

Note: No artwork on my page is my own unless otherwise stated.

You may contact me via the form below.

5 Responses to About & Contact

  1. John says:

    I am writing to request permission to post some articles on my website for the benefit of my regular readers. All credit and links to this site will be posted. Of particular interest is “Divorce & Remarriage in the Latin West” as this subject is a difficult one for potential converts from Rome. Thank you, john


    • Alura says:

      Hi John,

      You are more than welcome to post whatever you find here so long as you give credit. I would like to caution you about some of my arguments in my two posts on divorce and remarriage in the Latin West however. In particular, my opinion on Soissons has changed and I would like to include more material on the Probus case. Unfortunately, I have not yet had the time to edit these posts to make such changes. I only wanted to forewarn you about these changes.


  2. I have recently encountered “Shameless Orthodoxy” through my research on divorce and remarriage in the western church. I found your discussion very sound and I would like to be in contact. Here is an email address (david.hunter@uky.edu) and a recent article that you may find interesting on this topic: “Augustine’s Doubts on Divorce: Reconsiderations on Remarriage,” Augustinian Studies 48 (2017): 161-182. If you email me, I will provide a copy in pdf.


  3. pursuitoftruthmin says:

    Hi. My name is Michael Lofton. I am a former protestant and Roman catholic apologist. I like what I have seen so far on this site. Please contact me at michaellofton84@gmail.com. I’d like to talk. Thanks.


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